Investment Opportunities

I design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in residential and commercial properties.

Tech Savvy

Shawn Loves to stay connected, you can reach him by email, Twitter, Facebook, cell and more.

Design Process

Shawn loves evolving and continues to bring the best processes to his business to help you invest in the best possible properties

Disciplined, Respectful, Trustworthy and Happy

Shawn does his best in offering you a hassle free service. He is respectful of your needs, listens to what you want and provides you with excellent customer service

Stay Connected

Have a property you want to check out or want more information on a listing? Give Shawn a shout, he can send you more details and get you in as soon as possible


Shawn has gone through a lot of contracts and sales. He can help you through every step.

Proven Results

Shawn has a lot of happy customers and would love to help you!

Shawn Kambo

My goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with my clients and to have fun while doing all this.

Latest News

I'm passionate about real estate and would like to share my blog with you. In my blog you will find useful tips for your home.

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